Sustainable Garments

How much time it takes....

See in the following overview, how much time you have to calculate approximately for the processes. 


Organic and Fairtrade sourcing is entirely different from conventional sourcing due to limited options and suppliers. Further, lots of small things need to be developed and tested according to the client‘s request. At Purecotz, we invest in internal & external testings, color lab dips, etc. 

All in all, that affects our lead times. 

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Fabric sourcing lead time:

  • Solid: 60 days 
  • Stripe: 75 days  
  • Melange: 80-90 days  
  • All over print on rotary: 60-70 days 
  • Lead times can be reduced if the greige quality is produced inhouse, you book in advance, or we already have a suitable fabric or yarn in stock

Digital printing lead time:

  • 15-20 days for fabric in regular quality 
  • MOQ Knits: 20 kgs, Woven: 20-30 meters 

Sampling lead time:

  • 75-85 days (depending on the range of collection and qualities/volume) 

Production lead time:

  • 100-150 days (depending on volume & qualities) as some qualities like melanges and wovens have longer lead times 

    See in the overview our Minimum Order Quantities for production and sampling of garments as well as fabrics. The MOQ‘s vary depending on the raw material requested. 



Drop us an email, share your questions or enquiries with us, and we are more than happy to help you.
It is also worthwhile to study our FAQ. Some questions might be answered while reading it.