JUST 5 Steps to Create your Garments

How is it made in detail

1. Fabric:     

After we have produced or sourced the fabric, we control the quality before we use it further.  

2. Washing:     

We wash all fabrics before use to avoid shrinking of the garments. 

3. Patterns: 

Patterns are digitally (CAD) created based on your design to use them a template for cutting. 

4. Cutting:

The fabric is cut then bundled by style, size and, color.  

5. Stitching: 

The single parts are processed separately into a finished textile. 

6. Printing: 

We use the latest digital and screen printing techniques with reliable and resistant ink. 

7. Embroidery: 

With our automatic embroidery machines, we enhance your garments with logos or patches. 

8. Metal detection:  

We check every garment for metal elements such as broken needles. This point is especially important for baby clothes. 

9. Finishing:

Through a final inspection, we ensure that all garments meet our quality standards before they are packed and shipped. 

10. ERP: 

All steps from 1-9 are controlled and monitored by our state of the art and coustomised software specially designed for us

Get in touch with us

Send us your enquiry. 


You would like to contact us and receive a first offer and a feasibility analysis? 

Please send us the following information


Tech Pack

To create your styles, we need a detailed tech pack from you. It should include:

  • Technical sketches
  • Sample Size & Measurements 
  • Construction details 
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Stitches & Seams 



The right choice of fabric is extremely important for the quality of the garment. 

  • If you are providing the fabrics, we also need the name of the supplier and price per meter (wovens) or kilogram (knits). 

  • If you do not have references of the fabric you want to use, it is important to send us a piece of clothing or a sample of fabric to use as reference, so we can find you a similar fabric. 


New in the business?

In case if you do not have that necessary information, because you are not yet experienced in textile or you start from sketch, we can also do it in a different way: 

  • Send us a piece of clothing and we can copy the measurements and also the sewing details so that we can make your style & develop the pattern. 


For the first rough price quotation, we ask you to fill out our enquiry as detailed as possible and we will share prices with you within 48 hours up to 5 styles.


Drop us an email, share your questions or enquiries with us, and we are more than happy to help you.
It is also worthwhile to study our FAQ. Some questions might be answered while reading it.