With a vision to be an organization contributing to the sustainability effort of the world by manufacturing sustainable products that will enhance health, the happiness of all our stakeholders Purecotz has taken an initiative to support UN-SDG 2030 and circular economy through its CSR activity. We have contributed towards the capital investment of equipment required for sustainable and decentralized waste management systems for residential communities


RUR: Sustainable waste solutions

RUR GreenLife is a socio-environmental organization founded in 2009, that is passionately working for the planet by creating eco-conscious citizen aligning circular economy towards urban solid waste management. At RUR (Are you Reducing, Reusing, Recycling), the members ideate, design, build and implement customized turnkey, cradle-to-cradle, waste-to-resource solutions that are sustainable and decentralized for homes, residential communities, schools, organizations, and corporate offices.

About the Project



Most project sites that were passionate about environmental issues and are willing to offer space and operational cost of the project, but, are short on capital investment; Purecotz Eco Lifestyles has sponsored RURs GreenGold Aerobic Biocomposter (RGGC) that replicates the forest way of composting. The project sites that have benefitted from the CSR project of Purecotz are as follows:

1. Malhar Building (88 flats society, Goregaon, Mumbai) 

2. Trishul Goldcoast CHS (90 flats, Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai)

3. Harishchandra Sadan (56 flats, Nerul, Navi Mumbai)

These societies carry out segregation of waste at source in three categories viz. wet, dry and trash and compost their kitchen waste in situ through RGGC