We love textiles, which is why we attach great importance to high quality combined with durability so that consumers all over the world can enjoy them and garments produced by us become their favourites.

Infant & kids wear (below eight years) in knits & woven are our main products which include blankets, bodies, underwear, jumpsuits, bibs, wrap suits, overalls for the little ones.

We also cater for adults, producing a wide range of clothing, from basics to casual wear and high fashion for men and women. We are specialized in flat knit styles.

Also, we provide the skills and equipment to complement your collection with matching accessories such as bath products, beddings, bags, and scarves.

For fabrics, we concentrate on 100 % organic cotton, organic wool, and natural fibres. We also prefer to combine organic and Fairtrade certified cotton. Dyes & prints of our products are free of AZO chemicals, formaldehyde-free, free from banned amines, heavy metals, etc.


we are specialized in



We are specialized in baby and kids garments since the beginning. 

Only the best for the little ones!



We create men and women styles ranging from basic to premium fashion.



We can produce different products which highlight your garment range.


Fibres are the base material for any garment and determine the durability, quality and style of each garment. More than that, the cultivation of fibres like cotton uses lots of water and contaminate the cropland by the utilisation of pesticides and herbicides. In short, it affects nature and people. That's why Purecotz attaches great importance to the right selection of organic fibres, where the impact on the environment and people is minimised to maximum extend. 

We focus primarily on organic fabrics (cotton, wool) and are open for eco-friendly fibres (Tencel, bamboo, linen, hemp) as well and help you to pick the best one for your finished garment. Besides, we partly produce our fabrics and can directly print (digital, screen) them if you like. 

In the overview, you will find a selection of fabrics from which beautiful garments are made according to your requirements.



Drop us an email, share your questions or enquiries with us, and we are more than happy to help you.
It is also worthwhile to study our FAQ. Some questions might be answered while reading it.